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M.S., Counseling, California State University, Los Angeles

B.A. California State University, Los Angeles

I have worked in both the Career and Academic Counseling Centers, as well as teach orientation, career and study skills classes. I believe education gives one power; and education is available to all of you. Let me assist you in empowering yourself.

Diana Ogimachi

M.A., California State University, Northridge

B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

Hello, my name is Dan Hansch and I have been a full-time counselor in DSPS since 1997. I do a lot of different things as a DSPS counselor, including doing learning disability testing, teaching classes, and counseling new and continuing students with disabilities. I strongly encourage all students with disabilities to utilize the wide array of specialized services offered through disabled Student Programs and Services.

Dan Hansch, DSPS Counselor

Dan Hansch

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